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Welcome to Tony Sings.
Promo is available on this site and includes photos as well as some bio information. CDs of a live performance at the Summer Street Music Series are available by request. I try to get out at least once a week to an open mic or other local venue to keep my chops up. If you want to sample some music here is a
Short Demo

of several songs. This is about a 5 minute selection. Because I am playing open mics much of what I do is acoustic in nature. I am also busking with Colin Jenkinson, an excelent bass player here in Taos. I have put together a
demo of some acoustic songs

from a show that I did at the Black Mesa Winery and Tasting Room.

In digging through some history I found some old posters from performances in the past. Here is a composite of 4 of them.

From the Back of the Equipment Case

Hi, I am Tony Mason. I have been performing since the mid-sixties around the US. If you are interested in where I've been, check out my bio.

In the beginning I was a traditional folk musician performing the music of the 1960s with an eye on the political and social issues of the time. Through my friends and my listening I got involved with The Blues. I find myself drawn to that style of music more and more. I tried an electric guitar and found that it offered me new options and, over time, added more and more electronics to my solo performance. I have a good time with the fullness of the sound of all the instruments added to the guitar. It is a never ending journey because there are always new things to try and experiment with. I am also noticing that my perspective changes as I grow. I am flooded with new options. I, for years, thought the only guitar I liked was the flat top acoustic. Now I am playing a solid body electric guitar and loving the new sounds it lets me find.

When you are looking to go out and hear some music, lets get acquainted.

Well when you are looking to go out and hear some music
here are some places and times when Tony will be performing.

If you want promo materials there are some photos.

If you want some background information. or
If you want some contact information.